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International Blogger program

International Blogger program

International Blogger program – Be our blogger for the awesome gifts!

Do you love writing and expressing your opinion? Do you enjoy testing new products, technologies and beauty treatments? Do you adore the world of beauty, and would you love to write blogs, make vlogs and let everyone know how you feel about certain things? If you already have your online followers, and network, where you talk and write about trends and beauty, than apply to our international blogger program, and become our sponsored blogger! Try the treatments in our luxury beauty salons, or test all the professional cosmetics and beauty products that we offer to sale. Write a blog, make a video about them to let everyone know how you liked them! How does the sponsored blogger program work? Let’s see!

We want to know your opinion!

Are you in love with fashion and beauty care? With us, you not only can follow the fashion, but also you can dictate it too! You can show your special style, what is more, you can help others to reveal their personality. If you are dreaming about writing articles about hairstyle, trends, hair care, makeup, wedding, skin care, lifestyle, men, stars, we have tested, effeminacy or mother-to be topic, with us you can evolve! We offer a certain amount of products and beauty treatments to our sponsored bloggers to try. In return we ask for a couple of pictures, a blog and a video about the treatments and products explaining what you liked about them. If they are worth it, then give it a try! This way our current and future clients will get a honest opinion about us. Your videos and blogs are not only going to appear on our platforms, but on our partner’s as well. This way you can extend the number of your followers too!

Have you already started to try your wings online, but you need a little push?

We can help you with the start! We promote our bloggers as much as possible! Besides, you get the opportunity of debut and appearance as a sponsored blogger within our websites. We gladly publish your own blogs, Facebook or Instagram page. So that, we can forward your popularity within our online platforms.

We will publish your best writings on our platform. We regularly advertise and popularize our articles within our Facebook pages, such as Szabó Imre Hair & Beauty Facebook and Budapestbeauty Facebook. We also popularize our blogs via Instagram, and they also have a marked place within Budapest Beauty & Blog, where everything is solely about trend and beauty!

So what do we offer to our sponsored bloggers?

 A certain amount of credit that can be used in our salons for beauty treatments

 A certain amount of credit to get professional and luxury beauty products ot take home and use

 An introduction on our web page as our sponsored blogger

 Appearence of your network such as blog page, Instagram, Youtube channel or Facebook page on our web page

 Your video blogs will apear in our Youtube channel and will be played in our salons

 Your videos and blogs will appear in our facebook pages

What we ask from our sponsored bloggers?

 Have your own professional web page

 Have a growing follower group on your online platforms

◊ Have an Instagram channel

 Be familiar with photography

 Write blogs and make videos of our beauty products and treatments

What is your opinion about video blogging?

We love those videos, in which we can familiarize with the product, makeup technique or other newness in connection with beauty. These are way more informative, like a pic so that, everybody can know for sure immediately, that what is the process of a treatment, or your new skin care routine. That’s why we would like our sponsored bloggers to show how they like the choosen treatments in our salons, and how they use the products of our partners at their homes, so that they can help our readers and spectators how to apply them.

How can you be one of us?

If you got interested in being our sponsored blogger, would like to extend your network and the number of your followers, if you would like to treat yourself in our luxury salons and use our professional beauty products, apply now! Be part of our youthful and joyful group and get to more about the online world of beauty!

It’s easy as one, two, three! Just send your application to the e-mail address, and we will contact you immediately. Link us your blog, Instagram and Facebook page, in case you have a YouTube channel, send it too! This way, we can get to know your style and personality better. After this we can start the joint work, and become the part of a youthful, trendy and joyful team. Naturally, you can do your work from home, you can create your own timetable so that it is manageable beside work! Take part in our national blogger program and be the future beauty blogger!

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