Decades of professional experience from Master Hairdresser Imre Szabó combined with the latest trends contribute to our professional services: hair coloring, hair cutting, barber haircuts, and hairstyles for special occasions.


In the hands of our professional and experienced hair experts, you can feel safe! Every woman dreams of a beautiful and healthy hair that she can wear confidently. At Szabó Imre salons, our goal is to provide you with just that. Choose from the latest trends, techniques, or colors!

In addition to our hairdressing services, we also provide useful advice on hair care. If you’re unsure, our hairdressers can help you choose the perfect hairstyle for your face and hair characteristics. We also prioritize the health of your hair, offering hair therapy treatments in our salons that provide solutions to any issues.

Visit our salons, where luxury surroundings and professional experts await!


We provide broad color palettes, expert color-changing specialists, and high-quality materials to all of our guests.

Our professionals work with NATULIQUE hair dyes, which are 98.02% organic, and contain nourishing, natural oils that protect the hair structure during the coloring process. Hair coloring is in all cases complemented with premium hair regeneration services.


Wide Range of Colors

To achieve the perfect hair color we begin the process with professional consultation. Our Color Expert specialists provide detailed guidance on what hair color would suit you best, explain the chemical processes involved, and offer advice on how to care for your hairstyle after coloring. It’s important for us that our guests not only enjoy their dream hairstyle in the salon but also maintain the color at home while preserving the health of the colored hair.


Hair Color Transformation

An increasing number of guests are turning to our salons in search of professional hair color transformations or lightening. These processes are highly complex and time-consuming, and without the right expertise, a perfect result is not guaranteed. Preserving the integrity and health of the hair is paramount to us. Therefore, our experts only take on color transformations that provide results that align with the guests’ vision for their hairstyle. Are you prepared for a significant change?


Special Hair Coloring – babylights, air touch, balayage

There are numerous variations of balayage-type dyes and special highlighting techniques, and their trend continues to dominate the world of hair coloring. The gradual coloring creates a softer, more elegant effect and doesn’t exhibit as strong a contrast to the original hair color as a complete color transformation. Since guests often choose darker roots combined with lightening in the direction of hair growth, the regrowth is less noticeable than with full hair coloring, allowing you to enjoy the perfect hairstyle for an extended period.

Why do we love highlighting techniques so much?

Because it can be realized with a variety of colors and transitions for both short and long hair, everyone can find a special coloring that suits their personality. Whether it’s natural blonde, caramel, brown shades, or even soft pastel rose gold, lavender, our Color Artist experts help bring your dream hairstyle to life! It’s a perfect solution for guests who have always wanted lighter hair or even blonde but were hesitant to undergo a complete transformation. In this case, the transition between colors creates a suitable contrast, making it less striking than having the entire hair blonde or colored.


Hair Coloring for Men

To achieve a discreet, sophisticated, and masculine hair color, our experts use NATULIQUE men’s hair dyes specifically developed for this purpose. These dyes ensure 100% gray hair coverage, resulting in beautiful and subtle shades.


Hair Coloring for our Trichology Guests

We also provide hair coloring services to our trichology guests struggling with scalp allergies or a sensitive scalp!

Thanks to the gentle composition of Natulique hair dye, it can be safely used for guests undergoing trichology treatment, even in cases of scalp problems, irritation, and scalp allergies where coloring with other products would be impossible.


At our salons, every child is a VIP guest! Haircuts can be a fun experience, so come with your little ones and have a beauty and pampering time together in our salons!

The idea of going to the hairdresser can be frightening for kids, so we alleviate tension with care, kindness, and small gifts. Skilled, child-friendly, and patient hairdressers cater to the little ones, creating super hairstyles for all children.

Behind every perfect hairstyle and hair coloring is an excellent hairdresser!

And the best hairdressers work with the best materials.

With over twenty years of professional experience, NATULIQUE collaborates with the world’s best hairdressers and salon owners. The foundation of good work lies in the use of quality products, and ensuring this is NATULIQUE’s primary goal.

NATULIQUE provides the highest quality materials to hairdressers and salons, enabling them to deliver maximum performance to their guests while refining their artistry. Reflecting on more than two decades in the business, we understand what it takes to become an excellent hairdressing professional and what is needed to create excellent hair dyes and hair care products that meet the highest expectations of the hairdressing profession worldwide.



A professional VIP Wedding beauty team and hairstyle stylists – You are in the best hands, whether it’s your Big Day, a special family celebration, or a corporate event.

Wedding and Special Occasion Hairstyles

Hundreds of satisfied brides, classic and trendy hairstyles, and professional wedding hairstyle stylists – this about perfectly summarizes our VIP Wedding program.

Our goal is to ensure that brides who choose us can prepare for their Big Day as calmly as possible – whether you prefer getting ready in one of our salons or at the wedding venue, our professional beauty experts are at your disposal!

Besides the long line of satisfied brides, what could be a more perfect reference than the professional photoshoots and clips featured in the Wedding Classic and Big Day magazine where our stylists are regular participants, crafting trendy hairstyles and makeup for celebrities, models, and editorial shoots.

Why Choose Us for Stress-Free Wedding Preparation?

We lay the foundation for your perfect hairstyle in advance at our salon: the latest balayage ombre trends, hair structure-regenerating and trichology treatments, and hairstyle consultations in line with international trends – are all available with us.

Everyone is in good hands with us – including the groom, bridesmaids, and mothers whom we can also prepare for the special day all at the same time.

Your satisfaction and comfort are our top priorities – during the trial hairstyle, we try multiple styles to ensure we find your dream hairstyle. On your wedding day, you can even request our wedding beauty team to travel anywhere within the country.

Of course, in addition to weddings, our professional team is available for other special occasions: whether it’s a prom, a corporate party, or a family event, you can pamper yourself in the hands of a professional! Come with your friends and start the party in our salon during the beautification process!


Are you searching for a new and exciting look that will captivate everyone? Look no further! In the Szabó Imre Salons, you now have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of stunning braids.

Special Braids

Do you want a unique hairstyle for special occasions, festivals, vacations, or even for everyday life? Then book a braiding appointment with us!

Whether it’s romantic crown braids, loose bohemian braids, or intricate hairstyles, we’ll create the perfect style for you! We use only the highest quality products to keep your hair healthy and radiant, even after the most intricate braids.

The braids that have gained great popularity this year have arrived at our salons! We love this hairstyle because it is charming, romantic, and comfortable all at once. Your hair won’t bother your face, and it can last for up to two days when done by professional stylists, leaving behind beautiful waves. If you don’t want to fuss with your hair in the heat of summer, come to us, and our experts will create your dream hairstyle, whether it’s a waterfall braid, a sporty style, or a bold top knot!

Guest Reviews of Our Treatments and Products

Our hair is one of the most important accessories to our appearance, therefore it’s understandable that everyone desires to have the most beautiful and healthy hair crown! To ensure that the hairstyle shines and remains smooth, great emphasis should be placed on proper care!

We recommend our treatments in conjunction with haircuts, hair coloring, or even highlighting!


For us, the perfect hairstyle encompasses not only superb color, hair coloring, or shape but also the health of the hair. That’s why we offer our guests premium trichology treatments suitable for every hair type and issue. Health is paramount, so we recommend products containing 100% natural ingredients and complementary services for every hair type.

Trichology Treatment – Oxygen Therapy

Various hair and scalp problems affect many of us—sudden and severe hair loss, itchy scalp, or thin, brittle, and dull hair strands. These issues can stem from various causes (hormonal issues, alopecia, nutritional deficiencies) and often require medical assistance.

However, often a simple cause is at the root of the problem: inadequate blood and oxygen supply to the hair follicles. Our specialized oxygen therapy provides a solution to this common problem for both women and men, ensuring guaranteed intensive and visible improvement by the end of the therapy!

The treatment is 100% reliable, risk-free, and based on 100% natural ingredients. Oxygen therapy can be used for any hair and scalp problem, speeding up the healing and regeneration time. The treatment is also safe for pregnant women, mothers, and children.

Bid farewell to hair problems and enjoy the long-term positive effects of Oxygen Therapy!

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Microscopic Hair and Scalp Diagnosis

Before the oxygen therapy treatment, our trichologists always start with a microscopic hair and scalp diagnosis. This initial step allows our experts to create a personalized treatment plan and recommend an effective at-home hair care routine based on a thorough examination and consultation with the guest.

Schedule an appointment with our trichologists for a free microscopic hair and scalp diagnosis during our current open house event!


Become a professional hairdresser in our exclusive salons! The Szabó Imre Beauty Academy offers unique training and professional development opportunities for both aspiring students and experienced hairdressers.

Acquire industry knowledge in our premium salons, where you can learn and work with the best materials and state-of-the-art equipment, gaining skills that hold real value in the job market! We provide comprehensive professional training for both experienced hairdressers and students who want to acquire knowledge that allows them to excel in the most exclusive beauty salons and flawlessly meet the needs of their clients. Our educational program employs special, highly intensive, and effective methods to impart theoretical and practical knowledge to our students, starting from perfecting the techniques of basic hairdressing services.


Become a professional hair therapist! Oxygeni Hair offers online hair therapy training and practical education for professionals.

We are launching a hair therapy training program for hairstyling professionals who are eager to grow and learn and wish to introduce Oxygeni Hair oxygen therapy services to their salon! Our educational packages are designed to cater to the needs of every professional, ensuring that they can become trained and prepared hair therapists and provide maximum satisfaction to their clients.